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10 years in Advertising. We can prove that professionalism, quality and talent can make a difference. Image sells and advertising can be more than manipulation, it can be art.

Logo / Branding

The company logo stands at the heart of corporate identity. A successful logo will reflect services, values and nature of the Company, being the first mediator between you and customers. As your business mark, the logo will set all the other elements that create the image. Design should present simple features, yet say more about the company. In short, the right logo is really attractive and memorable according to clients, thus exactly what ensures success in promoting your business!

Design and distribution of flyers

The advertising material most commonly used is the flyer or flyer. Flyers goal is to attract new customers, to promote and sell a product or to make visible such a promotion or discount. All this becomes possible only through a customized design, accessible and attractive! And in order to have success guaranteed, the attitude and responsibility of the distribution team must be at their highest level, so that they will closely follow the market trends and anticipate the needs of potential clients.

Digital Business Card

Personalized digital business card is the new revelation in personal presentation, because:

+ Saves time and money
+ You have several products in one
+ Gives access to your website, despite the absence of the Internet
+ Is lighter, aesthetic and easy to use

The presentation catalog is elegantly and efficiently replaced by the digital business card. Instead of heavy catalogs full of still images you can now impress customers and business partners with an easy and convenient mini-CD that contains a truly multimedia presentation: moving images, illustrations and 2D or 3D animations, dynamic presentations, texts that you can interact with, all with an attractive soundtrack. They all have one goal: to replace the monotony with a remarkable presentation.

Data Backup

In most cases, data loss can mean the difference between success and a tragic end, especially when it is possible that potential clients can not access the site. To avoid such situations we provide back-up, either weekly or monthly.


Copywrite service consists of supporting the creation of texts and slogans that are used in communication campaigns in order to promote the company in media channels: television, radio, magazines, and internet. A professional copywriter will get the attention and interest of consumers by combining within an enjoyable and intelligent formula the information and persuasion. Thus is born a good message to your company and appealing to customers.

Business Cards

Your business card states who you are in front of your customers, partners or actual employees, or especially the ones to come. Not only that, but a truly original design is an undeniable advantage over the competition. That is why the look of the business card is very important, as much as the information it contains.

Catalogs (printed or online)

The catalogue of products or services is the carrier of the most important information for your customers: it is a succession of descriptions and prices in an easily accessible and aesthetic format. The pragmatism and design that we offer are the premises of a truly useful catalog of your business.

Radio and TV commercials

Audio and video media are perhaps the most effective means in transmitting an advertisement. Therefore, through an original promotion consisting of radio and TV commercials we can ensure a profitable communication with potential clients.

TV shows and Documentaries

Access on the small screen is now easier than ever. However, a TV program must comply with the most inflexible quality and effectiveness standards in the transmission of information, rules that we know and we promote through our services.

Web Design & Web Development

The role of a site is to offer customers easy access to information about the products and / or the services of your company. No doubt, while the absence of a company on the "virtual market" is a real disability, its presence in a smart "packaged" and successful design proves to be an inherent element to business success.

Web statistics and audit

It is important to know how the company's website is accessed. The solutions we propose offer a wide range of information regarding the number of visitors, most accessed pages, traffic generated and statistics related to keywords that will bring potential customers on site.

Outdoor Advertising

We propose also the method of outdoor, in Outdoor TV Screens, which has a significant impact on people in traffic. Commercials run every 6 minutes and are located in major intersections in Bucharest.

Click here to see where the TV screens are positioned.


The brochure is a printed work, with a small number of pages, attached in a thin, soft cover, usually printed in one or two colors or in a 4-color process printing. While brochures are indispensable to a successful promotion, their content and graphics are without a doubt the crucial elements transmitting your offer to the public.

Corporate presentation films

In order to facilitate an effective familiarity of your clients with the services provided by your business, you have the option to translate corporate identity into a video presentation. We offer counseling related to materials broadcasted on television or live on the Internet. We provide the customers with Television rate-cards and targeted shows. In addition, corporate presentation films can be used for:

+ Broadcasting on the indoor plasma screens located in shops, showrooms, etc.
+ Company website: completes multimedia side providing the expected impact
+ Digital business card: revolutionizes the way you present current and potential clients

Corporate presentation films are part of a full and flawless communication campaign.

SEO inPage

Once realized, any site should be made accessible to Internet users, and this is possible through search engine optimizations. Through this process, your site will appear on the first page of search results in engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing whenever keywords related to your business are entered directly.

Domain registration, IP/DNS setup

Advises on the choice of a suitable domain name and helps clients complete the necessary documents.

Photo / video Studio

Studio equipped with professional photographers with over 10 years experience in the field. We guarantee:

+ Industrial photos
+ Advertising photos (with high resolution and with processing the required size)
+ Book's and Comp Cards (composite cards) for models and casting agents
+ Artistic photos
+ Business and corporate photos
+ Personal Portfolio
+ Collage and photo reportages
+ Chroma filming

All together at the high quality standards and competitive prices!